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Clementine Summer Bucketlist

Clementine Summer Bucketlist

Who remembers playing outside until the sun was setting, running bare foot in the grass and making up games in the backyard with your dolls? Summer is a magical season in childhood - it's a time when sunshine, imagination and the great outdoors open up endless ideas for play.

The Clementine dolls created a bucket list of things they want to do before summer ends. Grab your camera and get ready to make memories with your Clementine dolls this summer! 

What makes a great bucket list?

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Imagine a summer filled with laughter, new adventures and plenty of quality time with loved ones. That's what Clementine dolls want to be a part of - making memories that both you and your little one will never forget. A bucket list is
simply a list of adventures and experiences to have this season to make it memorable. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, so a list of ideas can help spark imagination and get you out doing new things with your little ones and their Clementine friends. 


The perfect Clementine Bucket List...

  • Soak up the sun during a dolly picnic
  • Take a nature walk with your Clementine friend in tow
  • Create a fairy garden and have a tea party with Clara
  • Pitch a tent (indoor or outdoor) and play in it for the day
  • Dance barefoot in the grass with Amelia
  • Cozy up under a tree and read a book with Penelope
  • Make matching flower crowns with Clara
  • Visit the zoo to introduce Amelia to all the animals
  • Test your courage and climb a tree with Amelia
  • Explore a new park with your Clementine friends
  • Make paper flowers with Penelope
  • Bake cookies and bring them to the pool with Clara
  • Have a lemonade stand with all your Clementine friends
  • Take Penelope on a bike ride and feel the wind in your hair
Girls playing with their favorite dolls outside
What would you add to the list? Be sure to take photos of these moments and enjoy making memories with your little one this summer. Each summer we look back at the photos we took last year and see how much they've grown and we hope you do the same with your sweetie and their Clementine friends.
Girls having picnic with their dolls


Happy memory making Clementine Family!



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